Mini-Game (Postcard Game) "Battle of Nomonhan"

This is English rules of "Battle of Nomonhan", a free postcard game presented by Command Magazine Japan Edition (CMJ) in 2012.

Map and counters download (2.3MB)


This game deals with only July offensive in the Battle of Nomonhan.


Cut off counters (eleven in total) and use them. Some counters have the reverse side.



Place Japanese Army's "小林 (Kobayashi)", "3", "4" and Soviet Army's "36/149", "9", "6/15", "Artillery" on appointed hexes of the map. Flip "ターン (Turn)" to its Japanese side and place it on "1" of "Game Turn".


If the Japanese Army removes Soviet Artillery, the game immediately ends with Japanese winning. If the Soviet Army removes both of Japanese Tanks, the game immediately ends with Soviet winning. If neither meets the condition until the end of the game, a player who scored points higher than opponent wins.
Tanks (counters with silhouette)...... two points per step.
Infantry/Cavalry (counters without silhouette)...... one point per step.


Repeat "Turn" to progress. A sequence of one Turn is as follows:

  1. Initiative Player Movement Phase
  2. Initiative Player Combat Phase
  3. Non-Initiative Player Movement Phase
  4. Non-Initiative Player Combat Phase

    * If a change of initiative does not occur until the end of Non-Initiative Player Combat Phase, the Turn does not end and return to Initiative Player Movement Phase.

Roll a die at the end of Turn 6 and 7. If rolling the same number as printed on the Game Turn track, the game immediately ends.


At the beginning of the game, Japanese Army is an initiative player. If an initiative player retreats or loses a step by Combat, the Turn immediately ends (even if other Combats are planned) and the next Turn begins. In addition, a change of initiative occurs at this time (If a change of initiative occurs during Non-Initiative Player Combat Phase, the same army takes action in succession).


Six hexes adjacent to a counter are called "Zones of Control (ZOC)". If a counter enters an enemy ZOC during Movement, it stops there. Except for Retreat, exiting an enemy ZOC is not allowed. ZOCs do not extend across the river unless there is a bridge.


Counters may move during friendly Movement Phase. Crossing a bridgeless river is not allowed. Only Infantry/Cavalry may cross the pontoon bridge (between hexes 0207-0308). If there is a Japanese Army's unit in hex 0207 and/or hex 0308, Japanese Army may declare the blast of pontoon bridge anytime during friendly Movement Phase.

Pay one Movement Point when entering a Clear hex. Pay two Movement Points when entering a Hill hex (0101-0106).

Putting two or more counters in one hex is not allowed (no stack).

A counter printed "GT #" enters a hex printed friendly flag in the friendly Movement Phase of the Turn. If there is an enemy counter in the hex, it must postpone entering.

[9.0] COMBAT

A counter in an enemy ZOC during friendly Combat Phase must attack. During one Combat Phase, each attacking unit may attack once and each defending unit is attacked only once. First of all, decide all combinations, and then resolve each Combat. Both the attacker and the defender roll a die the same times as the sum of Combat Strength of friendly unit participating in the Combat. A roll of 5 or 6 is a "hit". Compare the attacker's hits with the defender's hits. The lower side suffers from the same damages as the difference between the hits. If they are the same number, neither is damaged.

A unit in a Hill need not attack. In case of an attack against a Hill, only a roll of 6 is a hit.

Tanks use Attack Strength on attacking and use Defense Strength on defending.

Soviet Artillery may support one attacking within three hexes. Add one to Soviet Combat Strength at this time.

If an attacker's counter attacks across a bridge, add one to the defender's Combat Strength. Attacking across a bridgeless river is not allowed.

Retreat a counter one hex or remove a step (flip a counter to its reverse side. If it does not have the reverse side or it has been flipped, remove it) per damage. Retreating to an enemy ZOC is not allowed. Retreating to a hex containing a friendly unit is not allowed. If it cannot retreat, remove a step.

Advance After Combat: If an enemy counter disappears from the hex where the Combat occurs, the winner (even the defender) gains the same Advance Points as the damage to the enemy. The winner may advance a friendly counter one hex per Advance Point. During Advance, it may ignore enemy ZOCs and advance to optional hex (need not enter the hex where the enemy counter was).

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